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Dog Fun (for fun dogs)

black dog ink - innovative and original greeting cards made especially for dogs, cats and their humans

k9 raw feeding - how to feed raw food using whole bones


Books on Raw Feeding

switching to raw by sue johnson - excellent for the beginner

the ultimate diet by kymythy schultze - another excellent and easy to read book for the beginner

the nature of animal healing by martin goldstein, dvm - a must for every k9 library

raw meaty bones by dr. tom lonsdale - details the link between periodontal disease and canine health

dr. pitcairn's complete guide to natural health for dogs & cats - the title says it all

the barf diet by dr. ian billinghurst - his most recent book to date

the complete herbal handbook for the dog & cat by juliette de bairacli levy - the queen of natural rearing


Email Lists

senior raw feeding - for all senior dogs

k9 nutrition - support for natural feeding and other health issues

naturally reared chows - raw feeding for chows and all northern breeds

advanced barf - for those who have fed raw for over 6 months

tick-l - your one stop for tick information

canine epilepsy - a must for any dog with epilepsy

k9 kidney diet - the best list for canine kidney issues

beyond vaccination - got questions about vaccination?  get answers here

newf-l - the definitive list for newfoundlands


Canine Health Information

nowhere else - excellent information on tick disease, canine epilepsy and other bonus goodies

bowchow - information on feeding plus a variety of specific health conditions

caber feidh scottish deerhounds - a wealth of information on vaccination and other health issues

b-naturals - check out Lew Olson's newsletters; excellent resources on specific health conditions


Animal Paintings

karen mccormack - unbelievably fabulous animal artwork

****The above noted links are used with permission, and with many thanks, to Mindy Fenton-Samuels and are from her website.



Kathleen Zins

Kathleen is a proud chow owner, and does some incredible art work. She is the owner of "Desi" on our main page.


Interested in chow welfare? Visit this site:


Looking for a supportive email list, where you can ask questions, share experiences with your chows and chow mixes, or chat with rescue people?

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If you know of a good website related to chow health, training, medical needs, art, etc., please write to me